VAT Service in London


In the United Kingdom, VAT (Value Added Tax) is imposed on the sale of goods and services. It is a sort of “consumption tax” in that it is imposed on things that individuals buy, but it is also an “indirect tax” in that it is collected on behalf of the state by companies.

The rate of VAT in the United Kingdom is officially 20%, which is the amount payable on the majority of purchases. However, as a business owner, you should be aware of alternative VAT rates. On sanitary items, energy-saving solutions, and children’s car seats, a lower rate VAT of 5% is imposed.

As we have discussed VAT is an indirect tax that is gathered on behalf of the state by companies. This means you’ll have to factor it into the prices you charge clients for goods and services. It’s critical to do this correctly at the moment of the sale so you can complete an appropriate VAT return and pay any money owed to HMRC.

Bookkeeping is very necessary and important for organizations. In order to pay corporation tax, bookkeeping guarantees that all relevant financial records, incomings, and outgoings are accurately maintained. It can be quite difficult to complete an accurate tax return without proper recordkeeping throughout the fiscal year. Also, bookkeeping is more than just preserving financial records; it also involves systematically analyzing the records.   To keep paying employees and suppliers, any firm must maintain a strong cash flow.

Investors will receive precise data regarding the company’s financial situation thanks to meticulous recordkeeping, which gives them confidence in their investment. Furthermore, when contacting prospective new investors, the firm will be expected to present financial data to indicate that it is in good standing; as a result, effective accounting can assist in attracting new investors.

Why choose Forward Accountancy Services for your VAT Service?

We have extensive knowledge, allowing us to deliver high-quality VAT return services to a wide range of enterprises. Our tax accountants will handle all aspects of your VAT returns. Search no further than “Forward Accountancy Services” if you want competent guidance with VAT returns or other VAT-related issues.

We can help you in a variety of ways, including the ones listed below:

  • adjusting your accounting processes so that VAT data is collected properly and rapidly
  • making sure that your company is VAT compliant and that sufficient funds are available to fulfil your VAT obligations on time
  • assisting with the submission of VAT returns
  • if there are any disputes, talking with HMRC and achieving arrangements
  • Advice on whether of the different plans would be suitable for you
  • Assisting you in meeting the new MTD for VAT requirements.